Interpreting services

Chelyabinsk translation bureau «Lingvo Master» provides services of oral translation. There are various types and genres of oral translation which determine some subtleties of work of interpreter.

Consecutive and synchronous translations are considered the main sections of interpretation which in fact include other versions of oral translation.

устный перевод: синхронный и последовательный

During consecutive translation speaker makes in speech pauses which are necessary for interpretation of what was said. Pauses take not much time because qualified interpreters form interpretation already during performance of the orator.

If you want, that your event would passed at high level and within the limits of set time, we will help you with pleasure! We will choose the interpreter from our staff individually for you considering your demands and subject of event.

Simultaneous interpretation is pronounced at the same time during the speech of the orator. Simultaneous interpretation is considered the most difficult type of interpretation. As a rule, during simultaneous interpretation translators change in 15-20 minutes because this type of translation requires big concentration and takes away forces. Ideally, if some materials are provided for interpreter in advance, that he could penetrate into subject matter of event in greater detail.


As a rule for simultaneous interpretation depending on the event there is a need of special equipment. The interpreter listen the speech of the orator through headphones in a special cabin and perceives speech through headphones, making translation in the process of delivery of information.

Proceeding from written above, prices on simultaneous interpretation are above than on consecutive, they are stipulated individually and depend on scales of event.

Prices on Interpreting services (Consecutive translation)

Language Payment per hour, (in rubles) Payment for day( 8 hours),
(in rubles)
Payment for overtime,
(in rubles)
Azerbaijani 500 3 500 600
English 300-500 3 500 600
Arabic 800  - 1000
Armenian 500 3 500 600
Bashkir 500 3 500 600
Byelorussian 300-500 3 500 600
Hebrew 700  - 700
Spanish 600 4 000 700
Italian 600 4 000 800
Kazakh 500 3 500 600
Chinese 800  - 1000
Tajik 500 3 500 700
Turkish 700 4 200 800
Uzbek 500 3 500 600
Ukraine 300-500 2 100-3 500 600
French 600 4 000 700
Czech 700 4 200 800

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