Oral consecutive interpretation

Oral consecutive interpretation is required for many public events: exhibitions, seminars, business meetings, scientific congresses and conferences. The speaker pauses between sentences with complete semantic content, during which he allows an interpreter to present their content consistently in the target language.

Economic aspects of an oral consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is more economical than simultaneous one, and it allows delivering the information to listeners at a decent level. Consecutive interpretation perfectly suits to situations where the time of event is not limited by strict rules since the performance is almost doubled in relation to a normal schedule. The fact is consecutive interpretation does not require a special equipment, it can be carried out on the move, it gives participants time to reflect on the sentence and prepare questions in business negotiations. There are two types of consecutive interpretation: one and both direction. The first type is when two interpreters work together where one of them translate from a foreign language into Russian and another – from Russian into a foreign language. The second type of consecutive interpretation involves the activity of a single specialist in both directions.

Accompaniment of foreign delegations by an interpreter

Consecutive interpretation is also popular in a language accompaniment of foreign delegations during visiting business centers, manufacturing plants, exhibitions, excursions. A guide-interpreter tells foreign guests about local places of interest taking into account the peculiarities of the target group’s perception of history, helps them in organizing dinners, meetings and hotel accommodation. An interpreter of business excursions, in addition, should have knowledge in topic of the meeting and vocabulary, experience in taking of business negotiations. All this imposes requirements on a consecutive interpreter to know a language, culture and etiquette at a perfect level, high efficiency, quick reaction, ability to work in stressful situations, capacious memory. Needless to say, providing preliminary materials on the subject of the event will make its work easier.

Consecutive interpretation of telephone negotiations

Supporting telephone negotiations is a separate field of consecutive interpretation. It is quite a complicated and versatile work. The interpretation process looks the following: “first party – interpreter – second party”. In this case, a consecutive interpreter acts as an intermediary in communication of two parties. So although he is not a direct participant of negotiations, the specificity of this type of consecutive interpretation is the necessity for thematic preparation, the perceptual skill of information on a telephone granting possible technical hindrances and the ability to comprehend participants’ speech features during negotiations when non-verbal signs are absent.

Consecutive interpretation of video conferences

Besides a consecutive interpretation of telephone negotiations the popularity of consecutive interpretation of skype- and video conferences are increasing as well. A video-meeting in live with a participation of a consecutive interpreter tell us about how much technological and advanced the company is.

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