Theory of the origin of language

Since advent of human life, the question of origin of language remains operative. There is no one answer on this question but there are a lot of theories. Let’s have a look on some theories.

Onomatopoeic theory

According to this theory the human imitated sounds of animals. Language was formed from such sounds or senses. For example, the word “honey” has pleasant sounding, as well as taste of product, and the word “live” has buzzing sound and causes association with violent movement.

The origin of language due to psychogeny is the oppositional to onomatopoeic theory.

Following of this theory think that language appeared during the evolution of human intellect.

Most of scientists consider this theory proofless because intellect can not be measured without language.

Theory of body language

One of the founders of this theory was psychologist Wundt. He considers that language appeared because man saw utility of some motions. For example man brought something heavy. Tribesman met him and helped to carry. Then the first man concluded that if he motions that he is going to bring something heavy, tribesmen will understand and help.

Theory of language creation

According to the legend about the tower of Babel people being preened began to build tower which could prop up the sky. The language was common and construction was successful. God punished people for their pride and gave them many different languages. People stopped to understand each other and the construction was not built. The profession of translator and first translation bureau appeared after this occasion.

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