Technical documentation, instructions, drafts translation services

Technical translation includes translation of mounting and maintenance instructions, technical manuals and standards, certificates, service instructions, specifications, patent documentation, user guidance, project documentation, drafts. Our company has experienced translators and editors who specialize in different fields. In special cases we involve consultants — high qualified professionals.

Перевод инструкций

Technical translation also includes text in such fields as medicine, chemistry, physics, mechanics, mathematics, car industry, computer engineering. The number of special technical terms increases day by day. To reach maximum quality of technical translation a translator should freely use terms, so this will help a specialist who reads translation to get correct information and effectively use translated documentation.

Technical translation has become very popular type of language services for the past decade, because all accompanying documentation of home appliances, industrial equipment, electronics, cosmetics and medical devices needs to be translated precisely. It is better for a specialist who executes any type of technical translation to have both linguistic and engineering education. However, accompanying documentation that comes from overseas to the Russian market plays a special role. Instruction translation segregated into a separate type of technical translation. Translation of instructions requires deep knowledge and extreme accuracy, because every mistake can cost a lot. Any inaccuracy made during translation of machinery instruction will result in machinery breakage; any mistake can cause worse consequences.

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