Legal translation: documents and contracts

To make a competent legal translation you need to have deep knowledge in the subject and possess language intuition. It is impossible to make a good translation without learning wide range of terms. The risk to deal with incompetent translator is that he can translate a term in the document incorrect and that will result in information distortion. It is better to deal with experienced specialists who have been working on vocabulary (definitions, statements, different terms) for many years and always monitor changes in legislation.

In the context of current legislation founding documents reflect the features of legal person, define the name of the company, type of management and its location, etc. The main founding documents are foundation agreement of legal person and constituent documents. It is often requested to translate the charter into Russian, English or other language for endorsement of registration on the territory of foreign country. Such documents must be translated only by an experienced translator. The translation is also needed when you open a bank account or branch in the country, different from the country of origin; or in case if shareholders of a company are foreign citizens.

Translation of contracts can be a bit of a challenge for translator, because a specialist has to be an expert in official style not only in native language, but also in the target language, moreover he has to know terminology. It is better if translation is made by one person. To execute a translation qualitatively translator has to know international affairs and law.

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